Thursday, 12 January 2012

Knitting Mochimochi - Anna Hrachovec

I got this book for my kindle just before Christmas. It's a really cute little book, with a load of witty little amigurumi patterns that are very quick and fun to knit. 

What's especially nice about this book though, is that it explains very simply how you can easily design your own amigurumi patterns - so you can design your own toys. I've always been a bit confused by the mathematics of shaping knitting on four needles - how much to increase/decrease etc. However this book is so clear, I totally get it know :D I highly recommend a read of this!

There's a load of really lovely free patterns on her website too - definitely worth checking out.

I especially love the knitted bog roll.

P.S. I've found the Kindle to be incredible for reading knitting patterns on, although the Amazon store could have a slightly more exciting selection for knitting books - its really best for fiction, which is a shame, because I feel there's potential here for the knitting community. No doubt it will get better in time as the amazon library grows :)

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